what lies beneath

By Margaret Gernert (Media, PA)

A covered bridge of rounded wood
Had a door concealing a passage through time
A cooing call from a mourning dove
Gave entry to history, destiny, love
Before dawn breaks, in the cool of the dew
Invite, give listen, await her sweet coo
Fix eyes on the entryway, mind your intent
When the door eases open you soon will be sent
To the time of your thoughts and wishes and wants
To do or undo, be seen or unseen
Relive or live differently one perfect dream
Ten minutes you have in your future or past
Ten minutes to say something, do something fast
Then cross back you must to rejoin this moment
Perhaps having undone a wrong that gives torment
Or maybe you hugged a friend from your past
Or maybe invested in things that will last
And as the door closes the dove gives a coo
You pause and you wonder if this could be true
Amazed and astounded
You once were so grounded
And now you believe that time can be bent
By a door and a dove and a good wish intent

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