What Lies Beneath?

By Kaitlyn Schroshire (Interboro Kindergarten Academy)

Once upon a time there was a magical door that you can’t open at  all. But there was a mailbox that had yellow papers in it. I took one of the yellow papers out of the box and I read it. It said, “What is behind the door”? I answered, “I think behind the door there is a gnome.” Suddenly, the door opened. Inside the house, there was a gnome who was very mad when I got in. I said to him, “Instead of being mad, why don’t we be friends?”  The gnome said, “Ok.”  We were friends forever.

6 thoughts on “What Lies Beneath?

  1. Kaitlyn you are an awesome young lady and maybe a future writer and if so I will read. Your short story was supurb and so worth reading and I thank your dad for sending this to me. Congrats Kaitlyn for a super story and keep up the good work.
    Sandra String

  2. Kaitlyn,I can’t believe how sweet you are. I hope you can read one of your stories to your cousins one day.I think Andrew and Emily would love it..Love,Uncle

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