What Lies Beneath?

By Morgan Connell (Interboro Kindergarten Academy)

At Tyler Arboretum, there was a house and two doors but they wouldn’t open. They were locked. A wizard opened the window and a gnome opened the other window. They told me to give them a password and I told them the password was if they don’t let me in I would kick them out. They opened the door. I walked through and saw other houses. There was a pixie house, a wizard house and a green man’s house. The pixies were flying around in their house. The wizard was doing spells in his house and the green man was sleepwalking. The last thing I saw was the gnome house. Inside the house, the lights were on and they were freezing. When the lights go out, they will go outside in the dark to get warm. I was sad at the end of the trip. It was really fun!

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