Children Explore the Woods at Nature Summer Camp

This reflection from Martha L. Moore, Tyler Arboretum’s Youth Education Coordinator, details the experiences of young campers exploring the woods during Tyler’s recent “Nature Summer Camp.”

The camp children were so excited to take me to the door today. They swore to me they found a key that opened the door with Ms. Diana! I couldn’t contain their enthusiasm as we passed the troll bridge and played “Troll says!” They wanted to show me all the houses Tyler built for the trolls, gnomes and other mystical creatures to live in peace and harmony with the humans. 

As we were walking they were regaling me about the wonderful fairy that lives behind the door. She answered all of there questions about the magical, mystical world of Tyler Arboretum. She was telling the campers how happy all of her fairy friends were that we did this for them. When we finally arrived there WAS a key on top of the mailbox in the shape of a deer rib. I explained to the campers it was that shape so no one would recognize it. They tried using the key today, but to no avail. We could not open the door. One of my campers named Victoria told me she peered in the window of the door and she saw the inside was lit with crystals and there was crystals covering the walls! Oh how magical… I told the camper they will have to come back again and again to see if they could find the real key. It could be a twig, leaf, or tiny stone hidden in the surroundings just waiting for the right person to open the door.

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