This Bear in Mean!

By Molly Dolan (West Chester, PA)

Once upon a time there was a huge, gigantic bear! There was a guy who owned the door, and he locked the door and the big, huge bear sneaked the key right out of his pocket without him knowing, and opened the cave door. And the bear went inside, shut the door, and locked it up. And he lived in there forever. When I went and saw it, the bear was in there and I didn’t even know it! And he never came out because he never wanted anybody to see him, and he had a special hiding spot in the cave. So he had his mailbox and he sneaked all the papers inside it so that nobody knew about the door except the Pine Street people. And then he growled very loud because the Pine Street people knew that he lived in there! Probably the kids of the parents who work at Pine Street know too.

2 thoughts on “This Bear in Mean!

  1. Wow! Excellent and exciting story!! I hope that this is not Obiebear, the one that lives in the woods near our Mountain House! Our Obiebear likes to hide from people and never wants to go in houses where people live. He loves hanging out in the wooks.

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