What Lies Beneath

By Tommy Christaldi (Aston, PA)

Have you ever wondered how the Tyler Arboretum got all of its wonderful plants?  I’ll tell you.  The secret to the great plants lies deep underground, beneath the door. That is where the team of the Giant’s Hand and the Giant Worm live. 

You see, way back in medieval times giants were hated creatures. Sometimes people would cut off a giant’s hand or leg. One giant was also a wizard. When his hand was cut off, he used his powers to give the hand a brain. The hand crawled out of the small village and entered a forest. 

What he didn’t know was that a giant worm lived in a cave in that very forest. As he crawled, he stumbled upon that hole. “I could live here,” he thought. The hand, like most creatures wanted privacy in his home. 

With his amazing strength, the hand tore a tree into pieces.  Some of these pieces can still be found laying in that forest today. The rest were built into a door. When the worm heard the hand coming, he prepared to attack. Then he saw that it was just a hand. “Oh,” he thought “I’ll let this hand live here.” 

Every night, the hand would crawl out and capture a dead creature (usually a bird) and give it to the worm to eat.  Then, the worm would go into a clearing in the forest and well, do his business, which created a very fine soil called humus. 

After a couple hundred years, the land where the Tyler Arboretum sits was found. Now, the hand is old and so is the worm. Instead of going out at night, the hand captures anyone who happens to open the door and the worm does his business indoors (talk about smelly!). So my advice to all of you reading this is:


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