A Door, or More?

By Kyle Oberholtzer (Downingtown, PA)

It was a brisk and chilly Autumn morning
That I decided to go without warning
To walk through the wood
As slow as I could
To beat out the winter forewarning.

As I was walking on this cold fall morn,
A large tree a door did adorn
I stopped for a bit,
Stared for a flit,
And noticed how it looked so worn.

“Why would this be here?” I thought to myself,
As I stared at this door in this wood,
“Is it here just because?
Or is it or was it
A small part of some greater good?”

As I think about this leaning up on this tree,
I am rushed by a torrent of thought.
It could lead to a world
Where dreams are unfurled
In a place of new thoughts now rethought!

 It could lead to a den of the tiniest man
Whose house is made from this here tree.
He’d be small in size,
As tall as my thighs,
But he’d live alone, happy and free.

But then, even more, my thoughts, they did soar!
Sitting here with my back to this tree.
These ideas were more weird,
Some I even feared
What a strange little door at my knee. 

“It could be a dungeon,” I thought with a fright
“Holding a criminal of spectacular might!”
“It would have to be small
But be king of us all
If ever let out in the sunlight!”

“This thing, it’d be fierce, with great giant teeth,
Like sabers drawn fast from their sheath,
Black with red stripes
The worst of all types
This beast that is lying beneath!”

“The small people who trapped it must be very smart,
For trapping a beast of that might is an art!
For they might live in the trees,
Or on its broad leaves,
And have fought this strange beast from the start.”

“These people,” I think, going off on my thought.
“These people would be a kind little lot.
With their petite little houses
They’d live just like mouses
But would act as a mouse could not.”

As I ponder these options, a new thought strikes me,
And I wonder what if, what if it could be
That this door is a door,
Just a door, nothing more,
Leaning up on this old maple tree.

But what if this door is simply a door,
And if it’s no more than random décor,
It makes a man think
Of the things it could link
From our world to the world that’s in store.

So whether a door to a dungeon or home
Or if it’s a door just sitting alone
It provides some great fun
To a ponderous one
Who is willing to let their mind roam.

And this one little thought that I think just right then
Is the most fascinating thing that ever has been
So I get up on my way
Smiling today
Of the things I have thought in this glen.

So if you like to think every now and again,
Like I have been thinking today in this glen,
Step through your own door,
And then just explore
The wonders of nature and thought never end.

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