The Mystery of the Unknown

By Lucy Roper (Downingtown, PA)

Caleb Moor was a very disturbed man. He was fascinated with the area of playing with people’s minds. When Caleb was very young, he developed an obsession with mind games. He played different pranks he made up on his family, and they hated him for it. Several times a day, each member of the family was bombarded with riddles, illusions, and frightening pranks.

One day, while Caleb was home alone, there was a very strong wind blowing all around town. Caleb, however, had no idea that the noises being made were simply nature at work. He had absolutely no idea what could be making those noises, and the fact that he could not find where the sounds were coming from caused him to be even more frightened. The possibilities of the unknown were endless when a person’s mind is left to run wild.

In the midst of his confusion, Caleb made an astonishing discovery. He realized that what many people fear more than anything else is what they do not know. When people do not know what is going on around them, they automatically jump to the worst case scenario. Soon after discovering this, Caleb discovered his best and most frightening prank of all…a door. He found a very remote place in a nearby forest, where just enough people would pass by the door to wonder what was behind it. However, there was nothing behind the door. Consequently, this made the people fear it even more, for no one has opened the door to this day. Caleb lets visitors’ imaginations run wild, and the interest and fear of the door has caused many people to go completely insane!

Some people think they know what the door contains, however no one except Caleb knows for certain. Many people have even guessed that there is nothing behind the door, but the thought seems so unimaginable that the visitors have decided it cannot be true. The door is also the center of many children’s stories. For example, if children do not obey their parents, they scare them by telling them that a monster will come up out of the door, and scare them!

The only reason people are so frightened and intrigued by the door, is that they want to be told they are right about their assumptions. Some people even take different routes to get where they are going, just to avoid being taunted by the mystery of the door.

One thought on “The Mystery of the Unknown

  1. Hey Lucy!
    Your story is so nice, and I like how the door leads to nothing, it’s just for people to wonder about what possibly could be ‘beyond’ the door. ^^

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