Forward or Backward

By JJ (Philadelphia, PA)

Walking down a forest path, I came upon a door. It was pretty weird and freaky. The door looked old and it was made of wood, on a slant and had no lock. I had no idea what was behind it. I said to myself, “Should I open the door?” I decided to open it, so I tried, but it was locked from the inside. I kicked at the door, but it would not even crack.

 To the left of the door, there was what appeared to be a mailbox, so I touched it. It flipped upside down and went into and then under the ground, and something that looked somewhat like a handle came out of the ground. I grabbed the handle and twisted it, but nothing happened. I was so mad that I kicked it to the side. I waited for another moment, but still nothing happened. Then, suddenly the door slid down into the ground. Inside the door was what looked to be, a time-traveling machine. The idea of what could happen scared me so much, I ran back home.

 A month later, I came back to the door. It was just as it was when I approached it a month before. So, I touched the mailbox and kicked the handle and the door opened once again. I went into the door, then, I studied the machine a lot harder than the last time. All of a sudden the door shut right behind me.

 At first, it was very dark. Then a bright strobe light came on and I saw the machine. I walked closer and I saw what looked like a screen with a date on it. I realized it was today’s date and noticed a keypad next to it. All the screens showing the date went blank. The first thing I did was press the key for one minute back in time. I looked above me and saw a thick rope that said, “Pull to go.” I hesitated, took a risk, and pulled the rope. Suddenly everything went black. For a second I thought the machine was broken and I started to scream and kick at the door. Then the door opened and I saw myself back outside.

 Once again, I went back into the machine and set it for an hour back in time and pulled the rope. I saw myself in my house, putting on my shoes to go to the door. I got back into the machine and went back to the original location of the door. This time I set the machine an hour forward. I ended up seeing myself walking back down the path through the rain. I was stunned! So, I got back in the machine, set the time back to the time I left for the future, got out of the machine and walked home. I was determined to go back to the machine and set it for at least ten years into the future.

 A week later, I went back to door, and took a huge risk, to set the machine for ten years into the future. I pulled the rope and the space went black as usual. I waited, but this time it never got light again. I heard a weird noise. For a moment I didn’t know what it was, but then it hit me; it was the sound of the machine shutting off. I was screaming and kicking at the door. Finally, the door fell apart. I ran home as fast as I could and never went back to the door, or that spot in the forest again.

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