What Lies Beneath?

Anonymous (Pennsylvania)

What lies behind the door;
Where there mysteriously is no floor?
What could there be;
Behind that tree?

You will want to tour;
But there is no way to explore?

Is there a mysterious portal;
That will lead you out of mortal?
Will there be cars?
Or lead you to Mars?

Will it be a dream?
Or full of screams?
Will the house at Tyler Arboretum;
Be as scary as the battle of Antietam?

Will there be wizards?
Or be full of lizards?
Will there be elves;
Who are full of themselves?

Will there be a troll;
That will take control?
Will the person who owns;
Possibly be one of the clones?

Will it be dark?
Will you leave your mark?
If you could see;
Behind that tree.

 You would regret;
And definitely fret.
Who will know?
Is there a place to go?

Can you see how strange;
This place was arranged?

It is up to you.
What you think may be true.
You are going to have to believe;
If you think you can achieve.

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