What Lies Beneath?

By Alexa Evans (Sun Valley High School)

April and I were walking through the mall with all our shopping bags my friend. We stopped by a funky store called The Door to Magic. April is afraid of magic and did not want to go in there. After thinking about walking in, we just started walking away because my friend did not want to go in the store. We continue shopping with our bags starting to get heavier. While going to the car, we saw the door to magic store again. This time I noticed a dull wooden door with rusty hinges and screws. I wondered why that door was in the store, it did not look like it belonged there because it was rusty, old looking, and all chipped up. This time I walked into the store without hesitating and without telling April.

Something about this door just amazed me! My mind was overflowing with thoughts of what lies beneath this strange looking door. Could it be magical?

I went up to the register and asked about the door, the lady said, What door? We have no such door that is old looking, rusty, or all chipped up. It took me awhile to think, but the thought never occurred to me that maybe Im just imagining this door. I shook my head and squeezed my eyes closed. My mind just released all of my thoughts after that and I felt good.

Since I was imagining this door, I walk up to it and see if I can walk into it. I put my hand on the door hinge and I can feel it placing splinters in my hand. Then I thought that I can’t be imagining this door if I can feel it. I go deeper into thought and I walk through the doorway. It was pitch black and no one or anything was to be seen or heard. I walk farther into the dark, mysterious, and magical door way. About two minutes of walking in the black misty darkness, I get to a green light. Usually, green lights mean go, so I keep walking and something ran into me. I dig in my purse that I was carrying with me and pull out my phone to use as a little flash light. I pointed it down on the ground to see what hit me in my calf. Nothing was there so I got a little freaked out.

My eyes were wide open and my mouth was chittering. Something light landed on my head, I went to put my hand on my head to catch it and I caught it. It was a blue, pink, and green butterfly. For some reason the butterfly looked mechanical, but I think my eyes were just playing tricks on me. I slapped myself in the face, hard, thinking I was in a dream, but that did not work. All I did was hurt myself. As I walk I find my body aching, probably because I slapped myself in the face and I got hit in the calf by something small and strong.

My mind started to overflow with thoughts again, and this time I was thinking how Im going to get out of here. So I start running and all I see is a land with a sunset behind it. I run faster and as soon as I get there I lay down on the grass thinking I got out of the door, but I really just got myself further into the door way. When I was lying in the grass, I fell asleep and I had a nice dream about eating dinner with my family. Once I woke up from my dream I open my eyes and I have all of these strange creatures surrounding me. I thought then when I would wake up I would be back home but instead it was the complete opposite. Right at that moment I felt sick to my stomach. I get up and walk around and try and get to know the place. After a while I started to feel better because I knew more about the place and I made some, new, nice, and interesting looking friends. My friends were green trolls and there were a couple of dwarfs and a few ogars. They all look scary and mean, but once I got to know them they were really nice and funny.

I think back to the time when I first saw the door, and my first thought about the door was that it was magical, so I make a funny face and say, Wow I was right. This door way led to a magical and neat place.

After the thought of this place being magical I layed my thoughts down on the ground and started skipping away with my ogar, dwarves, and troll friends, and just think of this magical place as a normal place. I did that because I thought if I was going to be stuck in here for a while, why not just treat it like home now.

It comes to bed time and I sleep over my friend Jimmys house, which is my ogar friend. Jimmy slept in a flower bed, it was different but thats where Jimmy slept. So before he goes to bed he made me a sleeping flower bag. That was different to, but obviously they sleep on or in flowers. The flowers were pink, soft, and they smelled like sweet strawberries.

Morning came around and all my friends and I met up for breakfast. All we had for breakfast was squash juice, some different fruits, grass, in other words salad to them, and magical powder that gave me energy for the day. The magical powder really worked, because it gave me so much energy throughout the day.

After lunch time we went on a field trip to meet new people and to find out more about this new world. On the field trip I see a tree and asked about it because the trunk was brown with dark green polka dots. They said it was a polky tree. All you have to do is peel off a polka dot and write down your wish on it and let it float away swiftly. You may be wondering if everybody takes off all the polka dots that the tree will not be magical anymore, but once you pick off a polka dot another one magically appeared.

I peeled off a polka dot and wrote down my wish. My wish was: I wish that I would get out of here in three days. The reason why I chose three days was because I made some new friends that I really like and I did not want to leave them yet.

It came around to bed time, and that time I slept over my troll friends house. I laid in her flower bed and looked up, all I saw were a bunch of pink and blue fairies, I asked what there for before my friend troll fell asleep, and she said theyre there to protect you throughout the night. Before I went to bed I was wondering if something was going to happen to us while we were sleeping. It made sense to me that something was going to happen since there were fairies there protecting us.

About nine A.M, I woke up and felt relief that nothing happened to my friend and I during the night time. I thought something was going to happen because she said that those fairies were there to protect us if anything happened. I got out of bed and walked into the kitchen and she had breakfast prepared for me on the table. We ate together and the food tasted like blueberry and strawberry pie mixed together. The food smelled like sugar. Overall the food was different but still good. Five minutes after breakfast we got ready and went out to meet my new friends. As we hung out for the day, we played some game. One game that we played was kick ball, they did not know how to play, but I taught them and they caught on quick. They taught me a few of there own games. My favorite one that we played, that they taught me was bounce. We played this by using a big bouncy ball and tossing it across the lake with out it going into the water. Everyone had there own bouncy ball so if it went into the lake we had to get it. We played three rounds of this game and the last round everyone got there ball in the lake so we just decided to all go in and swim for a bit. After we played all those games supper time is near, and we started to cook. We cooked up some good food for all of us to grub on. Our dinner was like a feast, it was delicious. We had some sun chops, which was alligator cooked in the sun for over two days.

After dinner I fell asleep in a soft hammock and woke up in the morning joyful because I got such a good night sleep. It was about 5:30 in the morning, so it was still pretty dark and misty out. The ground was damp and the air was cold. I start to walk around to get warmer and my feet took me to a path. Once I approached the path, my mind juggles thoughts around if I should or should not go down the path. I made the stupid decision to go down the misty cold path. This decision was stupid because there were evil creatures at the end of the path. I started getting chased by one of the creatures that looked like a mix of a horse and a dog. It was scary. I got myself further into the paths entrance. By the time I got to the end of the path I lost the creature and I got lost. At this point I did not know what to do. I went deeper and deeper into the evil path thinking that there was going to be an end. I was right. I got to my troll friends house by exiting the path that I entered. I was confused but I almost forgot that this land was magical.

I walked inside her house and started gathering my belongings. I did this because it was the last day I was going to be there since I made my wish on the polky tree. Three days had gone by fast and I knew I was going to miss everyone dearly.

The sun arose and tears started to drop down my face slowly but surely. I never knew that I would be this upset when I headed to the exit. I stepped half way out the door and started balling my eyes out. My troll friend walked up to me and wiped my tears away and gave me a hug and a picture of all of us when we went on our field trip. I finally take the other half of my body and step through the door. I arrived in my bed room at about two in the morning. My mom came down stairs to see if I was okay, and I asked her, How long have I been gone? My mother replied, What? Where did you go?

I thought in my head for about a minute and a half. I think to myself and said I must have been dreaming. So I get up all startled and went to my purse to see if I had the picture of all my friends and I when we were on our field trip. I still had the picture and I was amazed. I must have been gone for a couple of hours in our time, but a couple of days in their time. That was mind bottling, but I just got over the thought and fell right asleep when my mother was talking to me.

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