What Lies Beneath

By Ian Fenimore

On her third evening of evading authorities, Nancy stumbled over what seemed like a root in the ground when she realized that she had actually stumbled on some sort of handle.  Weary from her running, she thought nothing strange of it. Having fallen onto the soft bed of pine needles, Nancy realized how exhausted she was and decided to stop for the night. She set down her meager supplies of food, a knife, some rope, and a sleeping bag. After assessing what was left to make it to the rendezvous point, she re-filled her pack and climbed up a nearby birch tree. There she lay motionless for a while before placing her pack in the crook of the branches beside her and tying herself in place atop one of the stronger bows of the tree.

The cold German night was well set in when Nancy first heard the voices of the Nazi commander Heinz Guderian barking orders loud enough to be heard in Pforzheim. Minutes later she heard the harsh pounding of soldiers in step ringing through her ears. So numerous were their numbers that the soldiers shook the very tree she was camouflaged in. She watched in shear awe as 200 helmets and 1 hat meandered through the tightly packed pine, oak, and birch trees.

Once the regiment had past, Nancy let out a relieved breath, but at same time felt shaken to her core. As the frigid air crept into her insufficient flannel pants and rain jacket, she remembered why she had stopped. With a revived sense of memory she recalled the mysterious handle that had seemingly come from nowhere. Being a spy, her curious and nosey personality led her out of the safe haven that was her tree to investigate the handle. Brushing off a thick fall blanket of pine needles and leaves, Nancy felt out the characters “MI6” carved into what felt like a thick hardwood door. Cautious and conflicted on whether or not to investigate further, Nancy decided to go with the fist option and open the door.

As she turned the handle and opened the door, a warm gold light poured out. From within a deep chamber carved into the earth someone spoke to her.

“Hello Ms. Wake. We weren’t expecting to see you until Thursday.”

Realizing what a huge mistake she had almost made, Nancy stepped through the door to be de-briefed before she was to be flown home by the Royal Air-Force.

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