What Lies Beneath?

By Jimmy Siermine (Sun Valley High School)

As I walk upon this beautiful and peaceful land of sustained harmony, I notice a door. This door resembles a shed that leads into the ground. It mystifies me of what could possibly lie beneath. The door looks a bit aged and is made of wood with small vents on the face. I look through them but it is completely dark. What could possibly be inside this shed? I know I have somewhere to be so I continue on.

It has been a few days now that I have been here, and it has been nothing short of amazing. The beauty of the grass and the trees give me a sense of content, while the people and even the animals are extremely friendly and sociable. I am still getting used to the fact that I can now communicate with animals, considering that in the real world its not within the realms of possibility. That is what this world is though, there are no realms of possibility that are constrained.

I have arrived to this world in escape and relief. In the real world, I had been very unhappy with myself and my life in general. I needed somewhere to go where I could be happy and stress free. The real world is full of sin and violence, it is very hard to find yourself at ease while living your everyday life. One day, I had come home from my job with a mountain of problems on my shoulders. I felt like I was trapped in my life and I was being suffocated by my responsibilities. I tried to rely on God to help me out in this time of need. I am a very faithful person and try to do my best to remain close to God. I said to him, ‘God, can you please, please help me, I really need your help right now, I am very unhappy with my life and I need a break. Can you please help me?’ I started to feel a bit tired so I went to bed, still feeling a bit discontent. When I woke up, I found myself under a wooden bridge. The light that shined through the layers that wrapped around the bridge blinded me. I had no idea where I was, it was brisk but the hot sun warmed me. I thought I was dreaming but soon realized I was actually awake. Fear grew across me, I began to shake as I made my way outside. There was a field with some people having a catch with a football and there were deer and all kinds of other animal sitting there watching. Right then and there, I was in almost complete shock, I had to blink a few times to reassure of what was before my eyes. I quickly reached into my pocket for my phone, then the other, they were empty. I had no other choice but to walk over there and ask them where I was. They stopped there game to tell me that, they hadn’t known either. At that point, I knew that God had answered my prayer, but for good or bad?

I take a moment to recollect myself to digest the situation I am in. I sat underneath a tree house that had partially functional rope attached to it. The scene in front of me hits me with a strong wave of peace and happiness. That is where I knew that I had finally escaped and was at ease. The sky was entirely blue with wall-to-wall sunshine and trees were tall and green and the flowers were alive and bright. I have never before in my life had taken so much appreciate and study into nature.

So since then, I had really drove this ‘dream’ far past what I would have ever expected. I have developed great relationships with all the people here, and I even got a chance to have one or two conversations with some animals. The one person though I really am very friendly with is Gerald. Gerald is a very likable kid with a great personality, and he has a killer flick when we play ultimate; he is always on my team.

I have finally arrived at the bridge, there I see Gerald and two other buddies, Rick and Chris. The night was catching up on us, so we ditched are game of football and decided to just relax and set up a fire to make some s’mores. A question that had been floating around my head for a while now is still, what is beyond that door? I am tempted to ask the guys even though the answer I get may not be straight forward, but I will ask them anyway. All three of them gave me a confused look, saying that they have no idea what is back there. They say they have only seen it once or twice and that nobody has tried to open it. I thought about what they said for a while. Maybe there is something valuable back there, or maybe its just an empty shed with nothing. The anxiety and curiosity was poking me inside and I had to find out what was beyond that door.

The next day I awoke, again with a beautiful blazing sun and the sounds of early birds singing in harmonic tone. I walked over to where Gerald and Rick were, they were still asleep. I guess me wanting to open the door so bad made me wake up earlier. Nevertheless, I made my way to where I first saw the door. I quickly found my self in a woods that was uncharacteristically quiet and dimly let from the sun trying to crawl past the trees. It took about five minutes or so before I got to the door. The door was just how I remembered it, large and bulky with very rough wooden surface. Butterflies began to whistle around my stomach as I engaged my arms towards the handle. I pulled the handle, and the door didn’t budge. It felt as if it were not supposed to be open because of how hard it was to move. I quickly regathered my self for another shot. I put both hands on either end of the handle, put one foot on the end of the frame and pulled. The door flung open like a jack in the box and…

I hear a soft voice echoing in my head, it vaguely sounds like my mother calling my name. It slowly became increasingly clear as I began to gain vision. I was laying down on my bed in my room, “Jimmy! Dinner’s Ready.’’ I was home again. I quickly picked up my phone, it said five o’clock. I notice I’m still in my uniform from work. I don’t know what happened; was it a crazy dream or did I really go to a completely new world. I got up from my bed and as I walked out of my room, I hear my phone go off, a text message. I walk over to read it, its from a blocked number. My eyes widen and my stomach turns upside down as I put in my password to unlock my phone, the message reads ‘Your Welcome.’ I put my phone down and look up to the ceiling and pointed towards God, ‘Thank You.’

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