What Lies Beneath?

By Jordan Baker (Sun Valley High School)

After being tangled in vines after tumbling on the wet leaves, I knocked my head on a hallow surface. I was a clumsy child and it got me into strange positions. The hallow object was strangely small and, something Snow White would have used to get into the house of the seven dwarfs. It was a worn out, moldy door with tattered leaves and branches surrounding it.  On all fours, I was being pricked by sticks and trees with orange and red speckled leaves twisted into my curly blonde hair. I tugged at the dark dusty door and it creaked and cried open, I crawled curiously inward. I moved forward growing with anticipation to find out where it led. Eventually I hit my head on a flat, strangely smooth dark wall. My brows, as thick as caterpillars, rose up and crinkled my forehead in puzzled thought. In less than five seconds the wall had dropped. My body shook then plopped down. I had no control and started rolling down into a bumpy field of grass to an odd world.

I sat up to find a strange animal looking into my hazel eyes. It was a tall, lean, grey Great Dane. The animal sniffed my sweater and looked at me asking, “What set do you belong at, dwarf?” My eyes widened like a sponge in water absorbing the idea that this animal could talk.

“I am not a dwarf by any means, I am Beverly.” I responded

“Well, Miss Beverly I suppose your lost from the area of your set, follow me.” I didn’t want to argue with an animal that was bigger than my adolescent seven year old body, so I did as he told me to. “My name is Daniel and I am one of the groundkeepers on the sets to make sure none of the stories get mixed up. I guard west side Avondale.” He jabbered on about himself as I looked around. I saw all types of creatures in this place. It all looked somewhat familiar to me.

I finally asked “What is going on in this place?”

Daniel looked at me and said, “What do you think is going on here? We are simply making fairytales and folktales! Where did you think stories are created?” I looked around the woods and noticed all sorts of adventures being created. “I am going to work on the set of Cinderella in center town Avondale, explore around to find your set.” He told me.

I was extremely confused and taken back by everything that had just happened. I looked at the signs of directions that read things like Cinderella’s Castle, Jack and Jill’s Hill, Rapunzel’s Tower and other stories “sets”. I thought it was weird how all my books and stories from home were coming to life right before my eyes. It was what looked like a movie set, but instead of a director and script there were little trolls that watched the fairytale happen and wrote it in a book. This was how the stories were made! There were numerous jobs for the puny troll workers to do. One group of trolls was the pests. They caused conflict in the fairytale and the problems. They were the reason in stories that princesses would never have an easy happily ever after. Then there was the setting troll who created the scene and what type of area the people lived in. Last, the big slimy green troll was in charge of the show. He wrote and made the fairytale into a book.

After a short time of observing I continued around Avondale to come across things I would only suspect in a dream. I headed toward the forest where I came across a tall, grey, stoned, tower with only one window. Rapunzel seemed like a very sweet girl and I enjoyed having afternoon tea with her. We talked about all the girly things like dolls, make up and her specialty, hair. She showed me her special shampoo and how she manages her hair. But she hated her hair and started to confess.

“It’s such a bother.” she vented as she bit into her blueberry scone. “My hair takes all day to brush and taking care of it is torture!” I had noticed her room was full of her own hair, like one big fur ball. She then also complained about how a prince always is annoying her by climbing up into her tower by yanking on her long waves. I felt bad for my new friend and did what any nice person would do. Rapunzel would not have to deal with that bother of a prince anymore now that her hair was a bob stopping at her chin.

I left the tower and went to the main town to walk around and try and find my way home. Stars started blossoming in the darkness when I came across a left shoe sitting on a long white staircase sparkling in the moonlight. It was glass and petite and to my knowledge Cinderella’s slipper. I picked it up knowing that it had to be returned. I didn’t know exactly where Cinderella lived so I gave it to a local man who was an extra in her set. He said his name was Frank and that he would return the shoe immediately. Frank seemed like a nice gentleman so left the care of the shoe to him.

Feeling terribly hungry and sleepy I went to the closet cottage in sight. Turns out Snow White loves to cook as much as she loves to clean. I enjoyed staying the night with Snow White and the seven dwarfs; they all were very pleasant and happy except for Grumpy. After having a full stomach I had fallen asleep no later to wake up to a knock on the front door. An old woman dressed in rags was at the door selling apples. She was a creepy woman and I knew that those apples were not good, they were poisoned. Without a second thought I grabbed the straw basket and ran as fast as lightning spilling the evil ruby fruit on the dirt ground. I tripped on about thirty apples and was lying on my back with the room spinning around me.

I must have fallen asleep because then I heard a familiar soothing voice say, “Beverly, why are lying down?” My mother and father walked me and my sister home asking questions like what our favorite part of the new park was. I was awfully confused but everything got even stranger at bedtime.

My mother’s voice was calm, relaxing and soft, but that night it seemed everything she said was horrifying me. We read our usually stories after my usual bath. We would read Rapunzel, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and Cinderella. The stories were different this time though.

In Rapunzel, my mother shouted in a deep manly voice “Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down hair to me?” she quoted from the book, “Sorry, prince but my new do will not work with you!” My mother read as she did every night and nothing to her had changed. After Rapunzel we read Cinderella. Well, Cinderella never went back to her prince charming after the night at the ball. Instead, an evil local man named Frank took over the kingdom with the glass shoe. Trading royalty for love the prince and Frank made an exchange. Cinderella and Price Charming lived together ever after, but they had no money and had to work for Cinderella’s stepmother, Lady Tremaine with her stepsisters mocking her for the rest of her life. In Snow White, the apples were soiled so gladly she never was poisoned. But, Snow White stayed with the seven dwarfs until Grumpy kicked her out. She then went and lived with an old man and worked on his farm every day. I was shaking with the thought I messed up all of the fairytales. I ruined Cinderella, Snow White, and Rapunzel’s life! My mother’s one eye brow rose asking me if I was alright. I didn’t get any sleep that night. I rocked back in forth in fetal position gripping my princess sheets. None of the fairytales ended with a happily ever after, and no little girl’s life would ever be the same.

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