What Lies Beneath

By Emily Harris (Downingtown West High School)

One day, in the small town of Catanzia a mysterious oak door appeared on the edge of the forest. The majestic and mysterious door came out of a mound of earth covered with the bright colors autumn had painted on the town. Its arrival sprung a mass of confusion upon the town and the mayor did his best to calm the frantic residents. However, in the mist of pandemonium there was one girl who was oddly attracted to the door. This was eighteen-year-old Maya Smith.

From the instant the door came to the village, Maya could not block the curiosity from her mind. She claimed to be catching indescribable aromas that she traced back to the door. Eventually, her neighbors dragged her into the town center and protested against her insane descriptions.

“She’s gone mad!” Said an angry villager.

“Kick her out of here mayor! She’s frightening my children!” a woman rocking her crying baby  claimed.

Overcome with fury and disappointment with her neighbor’s outbursts she declared that she was going through that door. “Fine, you’ll see” she said with her voice shaking, “whatever lies beneath is calling me and I’m going to answer!”

Maya strode confidently towards the feared passageway and turned back to wave goodbye to her village when suddenly red smoke came from the now open door. The people gasped as Maya was dragged through the dark threshold.

When Maya came to her senses she was lying on the soft green grass of a flourishing meadow. She sat up and saw the beauteous flowers and weeping willows surrounding her.

“Where am I?” she asked herself nervously.

“Your in Lecry” a sincere voice behind her said. “Don’t fear me. My name is Prince Daniel of Lecry. I have stopped in your village to find true love. It is a royal tradition to move from town to town until the love of your life is brought down under. That’s right, destiny brought us together.”

Even though she was utterly confused, Maya was unable to contain her smile, and giggled flirtatiously. Daniel took her hand and led her around his kingdom. From the enormous palace, to the rolling green hills Maya fell in love with someone she barely knew. Within a few hours was engaged to be married. She pleaded with him to send her parents a letter assuring she was safe and inviting them to the wedding. The next day, Maya’s parents replied in disbelief. They wrote about how they believed Daniel had killed Maya and was going for them next. Maya begged to go visit her parents but Daniel coldly refused telling her he was all she needed.

The entire kingdom gathered the next morning in the palace gardens for the wedding. Their fancy apparel dotted the earthy garden in elegance and they all stood in awe as Maya glided down the isle. She stood at the alter trembling and when they priest asked if she took Daniel as her husband she quickly turned and ran back to the door leading to Catanzia. By the time Daniel tried opening the door the villagers in Catanzia had bolted it shut and Maya had slid a golden note under it. The note explained that her heart and soul belonged to her family. Daniel gloomily walked back to the palace where his kingdom buried him for having a fiancé leave him at the alter, an old kingdom curse.

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