What Lies Beneath

By Jacquelynn O’Neill (Sun Valley High School, Aston, PA)

I trudged through the crisp autumn leaves and my mind started to trail off.  I dragged my feet and found a peculiar door. Curiosity struck my mind and I aimlessly searched around as my environment started to change.

There was a strong wind that made the door shake, as if something was trying to tell me “Do Not Enter”. Instinct took over as I turned away from the door. I proceeded to walk through the woods filled with an array of broken sticks and crunched up leaves. Mushrooms were placed on the ground like the toadstools in the game Super Mario Brothers. Tree stumps were in sight, so I sat for a while and started to ponder how I ended up in this place.

I let my imagination free from my mind and began to think about the purpose for that door in the middle of the woods. A scrawny looking man approached me and asked in a confused tone, “Where did you come from and what do you seek here”.

Scared and alone, I gulped, and managed to spit out, “I think I may be lost and I do not know how I ended up here.”  As I started to walk away, still freaked out, I came to a long, brown, rickety bridge that had unique details carved into the railings. I was amazed at how delicately they were carved with symbols and letters.

I steadily started walking on the old worn out bridge and prayed with every step that I make it to the other side. Thankfully, I made it across and started checking out the wooded area and noticed a bunny rabbit out of the corner of my eye. I tried not to scare it, but then realized it had evil red beady eyes and looked like a vampire. I ran and screamed in terror but it was no use. I searched for a way out and frantically paced back and forth as I contemplated what to do.

I finally felt my heart start to beat normally again and I focused my mind away from everything. The sun could not shine through the thick clouds as it was pouring rain and thundering. I thought to myself, “Great could this day get any worse.”

Just when I thought I was safe I heard steady footsteps that sounded like the beating of a heart ready to come out of a chest. I turned back and was frightened by what I saw. Further in the depths of the woods, I saw a ominous figure and it came closer and closer every moment. My brain told me to panic, my lungs were paralyzed and I could not let my obnoxious screams of fright escape my mouth.

I soon found my way back to the haunted door and look back at a pack of snarling beasts their fangs white, their gray colored fur that surrounded me and I felt the creeping of their eyes staring into mine. I focused back on the door, pulled it open and ran into it despite the fact that worse horrors may have been found beyond it. 

What lies beneath this door is the choice between life and death and the plan that fate has for me.

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