What Lies Beneath

By Ashley Lopez (Sun Valley High School, Aston, PA)

“Lily, come quickly! The door’s opened! Someone was trying to break in!” Rose called from a distance.

Flying as quick as her vibrant pink wings would take her Lily raced to the entrance. She took one look at the old wooden door leading to their sanctuary and knew something was wrong. The rickety door that always made them feel at peace was now disturbing her more than anything.

“Who was on watch last night?” she asked

Rose tells her that Elizabeth, Annabelle and Sally were. She was torn between being extremely furious and extremely frightened for their safety. If something were to go wrong she would be fully responsible for the fairies. Lily chose the position when Nana died, it was all her responsibility now. Summoning the three fairies to the entrance, she asked what had happened and they responded saying they don’t remember the door being opened or anyone attempting to open it.

“Rose, sound the alarm,” Lily yelled.

When the shrill of the bell pierced her ears she flew to the meeting circle. As she sat on the stump in front of the blue door all the fairies rushed out.

“Attention! Everyone quiet down please. Something has gone terribly wrong. During the duration of the night the door opened. Only I have the key which means someone from the outside world has discovered our door,” Gasps filled the air. “We may or may not be in danger if there really are intruders. The only way to find out is to venture out and check the vicinity and see who comes back. Unfortunately our army is in the Beyond battling the garden gnomes for access to the Enchanted Woods. Do I have any volunteers to join Rose and I to the land they call Los Angeles?”

She waited patiently for a brave fairy to volunteer and one by one there were fourteen slim hands in the air. She lined them all up in front of her to see if they were physically capable for the journey out of  Latopia. Only ten of the fourteen were, but that seemed alright.

“While I am gone Tulip will be in charge. She will be given a communication box to tell me if things go wrong,” She warned the fairies.

Motioning for the chosen ones to follow her, they got geared up as if for war. She had no idea what could be out there, nobody did. Giving them instructions to follow her every demand out there and not to screw anything up, for it could put everyone else in grave danger. They approached the door and stared at it for a few moments. All together they heaved the door opened just enough for them to slip out on by one. Following behind everyone, Lily pulled the door shut behind her. Turning around and seeing the outside world everyone let out a gasp. Everything was one hundred times bigger then what they were used to. There were lights in every direction they looked, giant buildings and moving objects filled the streets.

Flying out towards the sparkling passage ways all the fairies followed. Lily turned around to check that the door was closed but instead saw gigantic letters spelling out ‘HOLLYWOOD’.  She quickly assumed that was their leaders’ name. Rose positioned the girls around the door just far enough to see the door but not to be noticed if someone did try to break in. She told them not to move until they spotted something.

Hours passed until they heard noises. Giant people were stumbling through the branches walking over them as if they were just measly twigs. There was a boy in sun-kissed skin and bleach blonde hair, the girl looked almost identical.

“This little door opens to some glittery place!” the one with the deep voice spoke.

“No it doesn’t Brian, this is so stupid. Let’s just go,” replied the one with a soft voice replied.

Giving the signal to attack, they all jumped out towards them. Shooting at them with their bows and arrows the people seemed not to notice. Rose shot one right in the cheek and that’s when they jumped. The male looking down at Lily reached toward her and lifted her high up to his face.

“Julie, look, it’s a fairy!” he screamed in her face.

“Brian, put the poor thing down! You’re scaring it half to death!” she yelped.

“Actually his breath is very smelly. Has he lost his tooth brush?” assuming that she was referring to her contorted face Lily defended herself. He put her right down after that.

“Why do you think you can just go about opening up people’s doors, huh?! We thought there was an actual intruder that could cause us harm. Not some giant weirdo with gross breath!” She was furious.

“Whoa there! I didn’t know something actually lived in there. I just thought it was some random door for decoration,” the boy responded

“Well it isn’t! I have about three hundred fairies I have to protect in there and I would highly appreciate it if you left us be!!” Lily was letting him have it.

The shriek of my alarm filled my head, taking me away from the setting in front of the enormous letters. I loved dreaming about the fairies, especially when they ventured out of Latopia. They were always the best dreams and I knew that it was going to be a great day. I strained to reach the alarm shutting it off and closing my eyes for just a mere five more minutes of the fairies.

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