What Lies Beneath?

By Aleia Scott (Sun Valley High School, Aston, PA)

The purple helmet was splattered in blood. My head was pounding. There was blood in my eyes and on my hands. I was unable to move, and slipping in and out of conscious. The ambulance rushed me to the emergency room. Doctors were attempting to bring me back, but my body went into a deep sleep. I could feel my body getting heavy, and my soul drifting away into the shadows. My mind played tricks on me, I couldn’t tell what was real anymore until it was dark, pitch black. I lifted my hands up in front of me, at this point I knew it was a dream.

I was unable to see anything but I heard voices.

“Save her,” my mom sobbed.

“Over here Aleia the door is open,” these whispers said.

I tripped over my own feet and pushed the door open. Foggy light was brought to my attention, along with my dead grandmother and a metal gate. Behind the gate there were zombie like devils. They were screaming, some even on fire. The devil’s hands went through the holes of the gate, as if they craved to be on the other side. Were they possessed or just lost, I thought to myself.

“Grandma where are we,” I asked unaware?

I had not seen my grandma since the last time she was in her bed. However, she didn’t get up the next morning. They took her body into the blackness.

“Calm down my beautiful Pooda Bear, we are in the Half Dead Field,” she told me.

“Grandma you’re not making any sense,” I said. 

She started to fade, her body was growing transparent.

“Listen Pooda Bear, wait for your number to be called, then we will meet again,” she told me. My grandmother was now a soul flying north. The only thing she left me was a paper with the number 827.

In front of me were thousands of lost souls. I used to be scared of ghosts, but this new world changed me. I could only stare at my surroundings. I was in the middle of the field, standing in lifeless grass. There were barely any clouds in the blue sky, and a single tree with no leaves it stuck out like a sore thumb. Why is there only one tree, in this enormous field, I asked myself.  There were dandelions around my feet, I went to pick one up but I lost my balance. I was hoping the grass would catch my fall, however, I fell right through the dried up grass. I was falling for about six seconds until my face collided with wooden floor.  I had sunk into the lower level of death.

“We’ve been waiting for you, Aleia,” a voice said calmly. I sat in silence and stared.

I was in a dim, medium size room. The ground started to shake like an earth quake, and a large man dragged a dirty little fellow up to the voice. He must be the head man in charged, I thought.

“Sir, we caught him stealing again, we gave him a fair warning the first time but now it’s time to take charge,” the large man said.

 “Agreed Periwinkle, chop his hands off,” the voice giggled.

“No, please, I was just so hungry,” the dirty man said as he was being dragged away. He clawed his nails into the floor board, and the sound it made was horrifying I couldn’t block it out. I was there to witness the whole situation, but no one to tell this too.

The voice slowly turned his head in my direction and said,

“Aleia, beautiful, you are here of accident aren’t you?”

“Yes sir, where am I,” I asked.

“Aleia, don’t ask questions. Just let me explain,” he said.

“After that car hit you your body was in so much pain it gave up. You were brought to the Half Dead Field, where the good and bad remain for the final destinations. The bad desires to be on the other side of the gate, unfortunately God did not save their souls, so they’re suck here with me.“However, God saved yours Aleia, you were not meant to die yesterday,” the voice said.  

Yesterday,” I hollered, “I had only been here for an hour.”

“No, my beautiful in the half dead field the time moves like the speed of light,” the voice said. “Now Aleia if you want to go home I will compromise with you, just complete the task before your number is called. So you might want to hurry.

“What’s my task, and how do I solve it, I asked?

“You must save two souls. They can come on the good side as long as they believe in their hearts that Jesus died for their sins. All you need is this,” the voice said. A Bible appeared in the palm of my hands. “Time is ticking Aleia,” the voice said.

In a blink of an eye I was back in the Half Dead Field, with the Bible in my hands. I started walking through the wild dried up grass, the gate was about twenty feet away. The grass was scratching my legs. I finally arrived at the gate, and the lost souls were uglier than ever.  Their faces were peeling and they smelt so dreadful. Their skin was fading and pale. I walked over to an old lady, her eyes were black and her skin was wrinkled.                                   

“Ma’am do you believe that Jesus died on the cross for your sins,” I asked.

The old lady covered her ears, screamed and ran away from the gate. I knew this was not going to be easy. I saw a little boy next, curled up in the corner, gripping the metal gate so tightly his hand started to bleed.

“Little boy, why are you crying?” I asked. He refused to look at me, only past me. I got on my knees to his eye level and asked with more authority this time. “Little boy, why are you crying I demand an answer,” I yelled.

“They can hear us, they know where we are and what we are doing,” he whispered. He looked into my eyes and disappeared right in front of me.

It was at this point I had given up all hope and I wanted to cry. I sat in the dry grass with my back against the gate. I opened the Bible and read out loud. John 3:16, “for God so loved the world he gave his only son and whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

I could feel the tension in the air, so I turned around and saw this young couple staring in my direction. I knew they could not stare directly at me or they would vanish like the little boy.

I flipped to Revelations 22:13, “I am the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last,” I looked up.

At this point the couple started to cry. I said a prayer for their lost souls. At the end of my prayer I asked the couple if they would accept Jesus Christ in their life. They couple nodded their head yes. I began to cry, not because I was going home, but because this young couple got a second chance. I was ecstatic with happiness as the gate started to shake. I stepped back and saw the gate was unlocked. The couple walked on the other side. Their appearance slowly started to change. The couple looked beautiful and renewed. We stood in a circle and held hands. A bright light took over the sky until it was my surroundings were white. The couple flew north and left behind two papers that read, “306” and “307.”

My legs were weak and I could no longer stand. I fell on my back in the grass and looked at the souls one last time. I said a prayer for them and my eyes rolled in to the back of my head. My heart was beating faster than ever. Right when the doctor was about to pull the plug I inhaled a breath of fresh air. My mom instantly started to cry and hugged me. I was awoken from a long nap but I knew it wasn’t a dream, I knew it was real. Everybody was crying even my brother that despised me. I truly made a difference, but I decided not to tell my mom about the Half Dead Field or grandma. I stared up at the ceiling and thanked God for another chance. My family entwined hands and my mother closed the night out in prayer.

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