What Lies Beneath?

By Kevin Cullen (Sun Valley High School, Aston, PA)

I felt my adrenaline rising every second. I had been into these woods many times before, and I had never seen anything like the creature that stood before me. I was out hunting for my tribe, in this year of 1762. As I put my arrow in the string, and pulled back, I knew that my aim was true for I was no further than 15 yards away. It was a short and stumpy little fellow, and it’s face was green. My breathing was normal, and my hands were steady. Knowing I had never seen it before, I wondered what I could find out about it. My curiosity had gotten the best of me, and I ran after it instead of putting an arrow into its chest.

The creature was surprisingly fast for its size and shape. As I was catching up to it I felt a root come up from the ground and hit my ankle, which made me stumble. I was still on the little man’s tail, however. As I got close again, I saw the creature put its hand up, and flick it back at me as if he was throwing something. Next thing I knew a huge tree branch came out of no where and nailed me in the chest. The branch knocked the wind out of me, and the creature got away.

I spent 2 weeks in those woods trying to find him again. Before long I saw the same creature, and snuck up on him from the trees above. I jumped down on him and held him there and said:

“Tell me what you are.”

The little man responded in a language that I didn’t understand. The creature had power so I held its arms down tight. I got a closer look at him and realized how ugly he was. It had jagged teeth, and snot and drool all over its face. For a second I thought that was the reason it was green The green fellow used his yellow finger nails and rammed them into my hands. It gave me a burning sensation deep in my skin as if someone was branding me. When I released him I saw that his finger tips were glowing red.  He then disappeared, leaving me standing there in wonder. I looked down at my hand, and saw that the spot that he put his nails into was totally clean. Not even a mark remained.  I felt relieved and afraid at the same time, because I had no idea what was going on. I started climbing a tree to attempt to hunt again because it was getting dark and I was getting hungry.

As I was sitting by the fire I had made that night I was spotted by what seemed to be a wizard. He picked me up without even touching me, and forced me into the huge wooden door that had been there for years. As I floated passed the creatures in the rooms I went through, I saw trolls, wizards, witches, goblins, and all creatures that are unwanted amongst humans as the wizard told me. He then put me into a small wooden room. I felt my stomach turning and was getting dizzy. I passed out a short time after being dropped off in the room. When I woke up, I was lying on a cot in the same room, and a nurse that seemed to be a normal person was holding a cold wet rag on my head. I asked her what her name was, and she said:

“Joan.” In a voice that made my heart speed up in it’s beauty. Joan looked to be about my age, give or take one or two years, and she seemed to know what she was doing.  I just wanted an excuse to talk to her, so I kept asking her about herself.

“How old are you?” I asked.

She replied: “17, and yourself?’

“16, are you the nurse of this place or something?”

“I try to be.” she replied

“Well you seem to know what you are doing.” I said.

“Thank you. I’m going to get Dr. Edward, so he knows you’re awake.” She said.

She left, and my heart began to ache. I had felt something like never before. I had felt love. Her voice was beautiful, and her eyes were crystal blue. I had only ever seen the girls from my village, and never seen anyone that had blue eyes. When the doctor came in I got more serious, not answering his questions and asking for my bow. He told me that I couldn’t have my bow or leave for a while. I felt my stomach drop because I knew that my people would worry.

As I was waiting I got closer and closer to Joan, and grew to like her even more. The way she walked, and talked truly amazed me. I just couldn’t stop looking at her eyes. She told me about her life so well that it felt like I knew her, and made me not want to leave, even if I had a choice. I stayed for a few weeks and completely forgot about my own people when the doctor came back to me. He told me that I could have my bow back and leave, I just had to get my memory erased. They wanted this so I wouldn’t tell anyone of their existence. I told them I would so they brought me out to the wizard. Right before the wizard was going to wipe my memory I saw Joan and her beautiful blue eyes. I yelled: “Wait!” Then I asked them if I could stay with them, and hunt to feed everyone.

5 years later

I still hunt to feed the village of the various creatures of trolls, wizards, witches, fairies, etc. I know that my tribe has survived without me, for I have seen hunters from time to time in the woods. Joan and I are in love and she is pregnant. I am eager to be a father and teach my child the ways of the woods.

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