In Loving Memory

By Kelsey Jensen (Sun Valley High School, Aston, PA)

I don’t know where I am.

The sun is blinding me, beating down and warming everything. I perch up, spread my hands out and feel the silky grass, still wet from the morning dew. Squinting for a clearer view, looking around all I see is grass, and trees towering high above. Fresh lilac pervades my nose as I breathe in. Standing up, I begin walking forward, and everything appears to be in slow motion. My hair is wisping in front of my eyes. Looking down at a wishing flower, the little white buds are flowing in the wind, so gracefully, slowly, twisting, and flipping. I stopped, spun in a circle and looked all around me. In my mind I knew there was a reason for going on a walk, but I was confused as to what I was even looking for.

Off in the distance I noticed something peering out of a hill. This is it. My brain knew that I needed to go to it. It was a door, rounded off at the top, made of rustic brown wood. The handle was a curved stick. It was in the middle of the open field. Just a door that connected into the hill behind it. I proceeded inside.

It is a family party.

My dad is cooking burgers on the grill. The smell of burning meat, and chopped onions created a profound aroma. Music was playing, balloons were tied to tree branches. Laughter and chatter filled my ears. Trees made a circle around the door, enclosing us in. My younger cousins were running around chasing each other. Picnic tables were covered with red and white checkered table cloths. Every person I looked at had a warm, content smile on their face. That’s when I looked at the dead center of the circle and saw my mommom.

Her golden head turned around and faced me. She was dressed in a white gown, and a soft light radiated from her body, as if the rays of sun were outlining her. Everybody else became a blur. I ran up to her as fast as I could and hugged her, squeezing tight. It was only her and me. Nobody else existed in that moment. The circle was pitch black around us. We were standing in the center embracing one another.

“I am alright darling,” my mommom said, twirling my hair through her fingers.

“I miss you Mommom.” I closed my eyelids, savoring the moment. She pulled back and maneuvered her hands to my shoulders.

She pleasantly said, “I love you…and I will see you again soon.”

“I love you too,” I replied, holding back tears.

Springing up, eyes opened wide, I sit there hugging my bed sheets, and contemplate about the dream I just experienced. My mommom had passed away from mesothelioma cancer weeks prior. I had prayed to God the night before, “Please, Dear Lord, let me see her. Let me see my mommom tonight.”

He heard my prayer, and had granted my wish.

A broad smile spread across my face.

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