What Lies Beneath?

By Brandon Saul (Sun Valley High School, Aston, PA)

The teenaged boy’s pale shaky hand reached for the doorknob, but it creaked open itself. He tiptoed into the dark room and the door shut on him. Lights flickered on and there was a dead body on the ground. The boy ran to the door and jiggled the handle. He started to panic and screaming “Help!” and banged on the door with his side.

Soon after he realized it was no use. While looking around the compact room he found what looked to be an elevator switch. The only number there was zero. He hesitated to press it, but he knew it was his only hope. The small room shook as if it was released from hatches. The room dropped and an elevator door opened. The boy took a few steps out. There were lights, shops, and homes everywhere.

“You too, huh?” She grabbed his hand and pulled him along. The boy’s face turned red, his hands started to sweat.

“How old are you?” she asked.

“15, I mean 16, uh… uh… 17.”

“So am I,” she replied.

They approached a small house covered in flowers. They went inside and an old lady approached the boy. “What’s your name, kid?” she asked.


She turned her head and said to the girl “So he had the same fate as you Serah?”

She replied “Yes.” Then the old lady insisted that she show him to the town’s garden. On their walk Serah explained how she’s been down there for almost two months. Also, that most of the people have lived here most of their lives. They have no way of escaping because the key to the exit is kept by the ruler. They reached the garden.

Serah said “Food has been low recently; we’re all bound to die soon if the ruler keeps taking from us.

Damon became awfully scared, he didn’t want to die.

He said “Why don’t we sneak into the ruler’s home?”

“Many have tried, but the guards kill everyone, it’s nearly impossible.” Damon sighed, “But we’ll die either way so we could try.”

She agreed and they went back to consult the old lady about their plan. Although she thought it was crazy, she agreed they should try. The old lady dug into a closet and pulled out two military outfits.

“These should help protect you if you get hit; supposedly they belonged to my dad.”

The two kids put on the baggy, dark green and light green outfits. Serah was practically tripping over herself so she had to fold them at the ends. The two walked out the door and marched towards the ruler.

There was a protest going on outside the ruler’s house about the food shortage.

Serah said “This should make it easier.”

Damon nodded. They found the furthest vent on the house and crawled inside. They came upon their first entrance. Serah smushed her eyeballs against the vent to check the surroundings. The vent collapsed and she went head first into the floor. Damon jumped down and helped her up and noticed she had a big bump on her forehead.

“Let me lead.” He pressed his ear up to the door to make sure it was clear. He looked at Serah in the eyes as a signal to run. He opened the door and they ran to the ruler’s bedroom at the end of the hallway. There was a safe with a lock on it. Serah took a bobby pin out of her hair and snapped it in half. She pick locked the safe.

Serah snatched the key and said, “There are no vents we can reach, we’ll have to rush by everyone at the front door.”

Damon nodded and they exited the house. Guards from all over pointed their guns to them.


They ran past them while being fired at. Damon got hit twice in the back, but they managed to make it to the old lady. Serah grabbed her hand, trying to take her with them.

“I’ll only slow you down, please go!”

Damon picked Serah up and ran to the small elevator. He quickly pressed the zero and it started going up. Damon, losing his breath gave out a sigh of relief, and asked “Do you know why there is a dead body here?”

“Probably someone who mistakenly came in here like us, but never pressed the button.”

The elevator hit the top and the dead body moved. Serah unlocked the door and opened it. There was a gun fire followed by a thump. Serah turned to see that Damon was lying face down on the floor. She paused in fear, but then ran away and shut the door behind her.

The lights flickered off.

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