Tyler Arboretum, located on 650-acres in Media, Pennsylvania, has teamed up with local artisans and craftsmen to bring to life an exciting new exhibit – Nature’s Enchantment.

Visitors to Nature’s Enchantment will find Tyler Arboretum’s woodlands alive with magical creatures who have come to call the Arboretum home. Gnomes, trolls, hobbits and more have laid claim to these woods, and you’re invited to visit the natural world in which they live!

As one of the exhibitors in Nature’s Enchantment, Pine Street Carpenters, Inc., a remodeling firm located in West Chester, has partnered with Tyler Arboretum to launch “The Tyler Arboretum Writing Project.”

Visitors to Nature’s Enchantment will stumble upon Pine Street Carpenters’ unique and mysterious exhibit – an ancient unexplained door leading underground. It begs the question: What Lies Beneath?

To answer that question, visitors of all ages are encouraged to use their imaginations to create a story or poem inspired by the exhibit What Lies Beneath? Submitted stories will be collectively housed on this website as part of “The Tyler Arboretum Writing Project.”

Tyler Arboretum and Pine Street Carpenters are thrilled to partner on this unique community writing project. Not only does this initiative engage the community in nature, but it encourages people of all ages to reach into their imaginations and create their own stories. Who knows – this exhibit could plant the seed for the next budding J.R.R. Tolkien!

We hope you enjoy the stories found on this site, and we invite you to visit Tyler Arboretum and its woodland creatures before they disappear…

And one last thing…

Get writing!