What Lies Beneath?

By Gabriel Rodriguez (Schwenksville Elementary School, Schwenksville, PA)

Behind the mysterious door
Lies the shifting floor,
To Gnome City it leads
Which holds the magical seeds.
Providing food
For the gnomes in a grumpy mood.
The seeds give them ice cream
Giving them fun dreams.
This door is magical, in many ways
Come see it, before your end of days.

What Lies Beneath?

By Drew Shulman (Chatham Park Elementary School, Havertown, PA)

I think the forest fairies lie beneath the door. The girls wear gowns made of daisies. The boys wear suits made of leaves. They eat flower pies, barkcakes with sap, and grass salads.

Their hobbies are singing, dancing, weaving baskets out of sticks, and picking flowers.

They help our environment by making sure there are enough trees that streams and ponds are full and clean, and that plants are growing.

What Lies Beneath?

By Cecelia Marshall (Hopewell, NJ)

A little girl named Cece went behind the door and found a fairy. The fairy turned Cece into a fairy. Then they turned the whole family into fairies, even Eloise her sister. The fairy took the new family and showed them the fairy dust factory. Cece thought the fairy dust factory was wonderful.

The End.

Forward or Backward

By JJ (Philadelphia, PA)

Walking down a forest path, I came upon a door. It was pretty weird and freaky. The door looked old and it was made of wood, on a slant and had no lock. I had no idea what was behind it. I said to myself, “Should I open the door?” I decided to open it, so I tried, but it was locked from the inside. I kicked at the door, but it would not even crack.

 To the left of the door, there was what appeared to be a mailbox, so I touched it. It flipped upside down and went into and then under the ground, and something that looked somewhat like a handle came out of the ground. I grabbed the handle and twisted it, but nothing happened. I was so mad that I kicked it to the side. I waited for another moment, but still nothing happened. Then, suddenly the door slid down into the ground. Inside the door was what looked to be, a time-traveling machine. The idea of what could happen scared me so much, I ran back home.

 A month later, I came back to the door. It was just as it was when I approached it a month before. So, I touched the mailbox and kicked the handle and the door opened once again. I went into the door, then, I studied the machine a lot harder than the last time. All of a sudden the door shut right behind me.

 At first, it was very dark. Then a bright strobe light came on and I saw the machine. I walked closer and I saw what looked like a screen with a date on it. I realized it was today’s date and noticed a keypad next to it. All the screens showing the date went blank. The first thing I did was press the key for one minute back in time. I looked above me and saw a thick rope that said, “Pull to go.” I hesitated, took a risk, and pulled the rope. Suddenly everything went black. For a second I thought the machine was broken and I started to scream and kick at the door. Then the door opened and I saw myself back outside.

 Once again, I went back into the machine and set it for an hour back in time and pulled the rope. I saw myself in my house, putting on my shoes to go to the door. I got back into the machine and went back to the original location of the door. This time I set the machine an hour forward. I ended up seeing myself walking back down the path through the rain. I was stunned! So, I got back in the machine, set the time back to the time I left for the future, got out of the machine and walked home. I was determined to go back to the machine and set it for at least ten years into the future.

 A week later, I went back to door, and took a huge risk, to set the machine for ten years into the future. I pulled the rope and the space went black as usual. I waited, but this time it never got light again. I heard a weird noise. For a moment I didn’t know what it was, but then it hit me; it was the sound of the machine shutting off. I was screaming and kicking at the door. Finally, the door fell apart. I ran home as fast as I could and never went back to the door, or that spot in the forest again.

What Lies Beneath

By Tommy Christaldi (Aston, PA)

Have you ever wondered how the Tyler Arboretum got all of its wonderful plants?  I’ll tell you.  The secret to the great plants lies deep underground, beneath the door. That is where the team of the Giant’s Hand and the Giant Worm live. 

You see, way back in medieval times giants were hated creatures. Sometimes people would cut off a giant’s hand or leg. One giant was also a wizard. When his hand was cut off, he used his powers to give the hand a brain. The hand crawled out of the small village and entered a forest. 

What he didn’t know was that a giant worm lived in a cave in that very forest. As he crawled, he stumbled upon that hole. “I could live here,” he thought. The hand, like most creatures wanted privacy in his home. 

With his amazing strength, the hand tore a tree into pieces.  Some of these pieces can still be found laying in that forest today. The rest were built into a door. When the worm heard the hand coming, he prepared to attack. Then he saw that it was just a hand. “Oh,” he thought “I’ll let this hand live here.” 

Every night, the hand would crawl out and capture a dead creature (usually a bird) and give it to the worm to eat.  Then, the worm would go into a clearing in the forest and well, do his business, which created a very fine soil called humus. 

After a couple hundred years, the land where the Tyler Arboretum sits was found. Now, the hand is old and so is the worm. Instead of going out at night, the hand captures anyone who happens to open the door and the worm does his business indoors (talk about smelly!). So my advice to all of you reading this is:


This Bear in Mean!

By Molly Dolan (West Chester, PA)

Once upon a time there was a huge, gigantic bear! There was a guy who owned the door, and he locked the door and the big, huge bear sneaked the key right out of his pocket without him knowing, and opened the cave door. And the bear went inside, shut the door, and locked it up. And he lived in there forever. When I went and saw it, the bear was in there and I didn’t even know it! And he never came out because he never wanted anybody to see him, and he had a special hiding spot in the cave. So he had his mailbox and he sneaked all the papers inside it so that nobody knew about the door except the Pine Street people. And then he growled very loud because the Pine Street people knew that he lived in there! Probably the kids of the parents who work at Pine Street know too.

The First Superfriends Show

By Michael John Dolan (West Chester, PA)

Once there was a mean king that sent all the Legion of Doom guys to go to the Hall of Justice and take over Superman. But then Hulk and Flash were running to the Legion of Doom and Flash rushed to the Legion of Doom and they had a battle while they were walking. And Hulk was going to punch Bizarro – POW! Since he punched him, Luther needed to come (he was the mean king). And then they went back to their new Legion of Doom in the woods, but the door was stuck to their new house. Then Flash zoomed a rope for Hulk to swing back to the Hall of Justice. THE END!

The Protectors’ Hideout

By Gianna Cropper (Prospect Park, PA)

There is little house like hideaway in Tyler Arboretum. I think it is a Greenmen hideout. Green men are the protectors of Tyler Arboretum. The house like shed is a greenmen hideaway where all of the greenmen go for a meeting. If they need to fix a problem or solve a mystery they all gather and work together to help the Pixies, Trolls, Wizards, Gnomes, and Hobbits’ problems. And once they do, the whole area throws a party. Everyone is invited! And during storms or severe weather they all gather there until the weather is over and all return to their original homes. Again, but this only happens at night when everyone is gone, when they see sun they all rush home and wait until night falls again.

What is it?

By Archer Castle (Media, PA)

What is it? Why did it come?
Why did it pick the place that it roams?
It could be an elf, or dryad or troll.
Maybe be a gnome who builds homes out of twigs?
Maybe a pixie who builds homes out of sprigs?
What is it? Why did it come?
Why did it pick the place that it roams?

What Lies Beneath?

By Sophia Escher (Interboro Kindergarten Academy)

I went to the Tyler Arboretum and I saw a house. In the house there was a door. Behind the door, I think there is a fairy and a goblin and a giant. I tried to open the door. I could not, but a Gnome opened the door and he let me in. A goblin tried to catch me but the pixies saved me. They made the Goblin fall over and they brought me to their house. They used their magic to shrink me so I could go into the house. We had a celebration.

What Lies Beneath?

By Shelby Funderburg (Interboro Kindergarten Academy)

When I walked up to the door, I couldn’t open it. It was a magical door. Behind the door was a troll. He was moving around all over the place. He jumped up and he bumped his head and he ran out the back door. He saw me and tried to catch me. I ran over the bridge and at the end, the troll jumped out and I did a flip over him. Some pixies came and they showed me the way to my house.

What Lies Beneath?

By Sean Collins (Interboro Kindergarten Academy)

I walked up to the door and a Wizard came out to make crazy spells. He turned me invisible. Then I followed the wizard to his castle. He found me and turned me back to be visible and then he turned me into a giant. So I went to the Giant’s musical house and I played the drum. It made lots of noise and the other giants woke up. They came into the musical room and they started to play music too.

What Lies Beneath?

By Morgan Connell (Interboro Kindergarten Academy)

At Tyler Arboretum, there was a house and two doors but they wouldn’t open. They were locked. A wizard opened the window and a gnome opened the other window. They told me to give them a password and I told them the password was if they don’t let me in I would kick them out. They opened the door. I walked through and saw other houses. There was a pixie house, a wizard house and a green man’s house. The pixies were flying around in their house. The wizard was doing spells in his house and the green man was sleepwalking. The last thing I saw was the gnome house. Inside the house, the lights were on and they were freezing. When the lights go out, they will go outside in the dark to get warm. I was sad at the end of the trip. It was really fun!

What Lies Beneath?

By Michael Roddy (Interboro Kindergarten Academy)

I went through the door I saw a wizard doing spells, crazy spells that can turn people into chipmunks. Then I saw a goblin who almost got me but I escaped. I saw a troll who almost got me too, but I knew he would never catch me because I run faster than him. Then some elves came and once they saw me, they helped me escape back to my house.

What Lies Beneath?

By Matthew Atanasiu (Interboro Kindergarten Academy)

I think behind the door there was a wizard that made a spell to make everything green. The green man is going to turn green at night. Next I crossed over a bridge and I saw the door open. I almost saw the troll behind the door. The troll was sleeping in his house under the bridge. I ran over the bridge as fast as I could. When I got to the end of the trail  I could see the troll protecting his bridge!

What Lies Beneath?

By Lucas Halter (Interboro Kindergarten Academy)

I walked up to the door and the door opened magically! I saw a Gnome and he took me for a walk in his garden. We planted yummy food like carrots and watermelon. Then we saw a Fairy and she put some pixie dust on us and we flew to see a Wizard. The wizard in the castle and he made us wizards. We magically came back to school to talk about our adventure. The Gnome liked school and said that it was awesome.

What Lies Beneath?

By Lainey Droxler (Interboro Kindergarten Academy)

I think there was a wizard, a fairy, a giant and a goblin behind the door. Then the door opened and they all pulled everyone in the door. They said, ” Do you promise to take care of nature?” Alyssa ran away and everyone else said, “Yes!” And they let us go and we were happy.

What Lies Beneath?

By Kaitlyn Schroshire (Interboro Kindergarten Academy)

Once upon a time there was a magical door that you can’t open at  all. But there was a mailbox that had yellow papers in it. I took one of the yellow papers out of the box and I read it. It said, “What is behind the door”? I answered, “I think behind the door there is a gnome.” Suddenly, the door opened. Inside the house, there was a gnome who was very mad when I got in. I said to him, “Instead of being mad, why don’t we be friends?”  The gnome said, “Ok.”  We were friends forever.

What Lies Beneath?

By Joshua Pitts (Interboro Kindergarten Academy)

I went to the magic door and there was a pixie. The pixie told me that we had to find six of the Green Men. The pixie took me to the tall steps and then we looked at all the tall trees and then we counted all the Green Men. Then we went to the Pixie’s house. She turned me small and I went into her castle. Then she took me to meet the other Pixies and the Gnomes. We had a celebration party and we ate cake and brownies.

What Lies Beneath?

By Grace Hughes (Interboro Kindergarten Academy)

I walked up to the door. I saw a fairy. I told the fairy that I liked her house. I walked into the house and I saw sparkles and flowers. The fairy and I played and read poems together. After that we had a tea party. Then we made up a play about the Tooth Fairy! It was a great day.

What Lies Beneath?

By Carly Doran (Interboro Kindergarten Academy)

I walked up to the door and I think I saw a Wizard casting spells. The spells were making the Goblin do chores. The Goblin had to clean up the kitchen and the bedrooms, and the whole house. I helped the Goblin get away back to the forest. The Goblin and I went on the stage and dressed to do a dance. The Goblin’s brother and sister and the Green Men came to watch us dance.

What Lies Beneath?

By Brianna Madonni (Interboro Kindergarten Academy)

There was a door. I found Gnomes, and Fairies watching us through the holes! There was this thing that so scared me!  He had a gray face with pointy ears! Then out came trolls! The trolls led me to a toy fairy world. Then I jumped off the troll and I played with them. After I played with them, I became a fairy!

What Lies Beneath?

By Autumn Brown (Interboro Kindergarten Academy) 

I think a wizard is behind the door. I saw a goblin sleeping in the fireplace. I think the goblin takes care of the plants. When I went into the fairy house, I saw fairies watching me. I was scared. I went to play on the big tree house and two more houses. The fairies yelled, “Ah!” I screamed and hid. But the fairy turned out to be nice. She liked me!

What Lies Beneath?

By Alyssa Modesto (Interboro Kindergarten Academy)

At Tyler Arboretum, I saw lots of rickety stuff. We saw a crooked house and a magical door. It won’t open. I don’t know what is behind that door but I think there will be a pixie. She might be beautiful. I’m not sure if she will have lots of clothes.

What Lies Beneath?

By Alex Balili (Interboro Kindergarten Academy)

There was a door and behind the door, I saw something that looked like a Wizard and he had a beard. He was disappearing stuff. He disappeared his fireplace. I couldn’t open the door because there was a secret passward. Then me and my brother went in the music place.

What Lies Beneath?

By Adriana Pino (Interboro Kindergarten Academy)

I walked up to the door and a troll came out. I tried to scare it away but I couldn’t. It went back in the house and locked the door. I couldn’t get in. I climbed in the window. You pushed the troll out of the house and I found a key and locked the door. It was a magical house and it flew up in the air and took me to where the fairies live. The fairies protected me from the bad trolls and we lived happily ever after.