Submit Your Story

Tucked away beneath the trees at Tyler Arboretum, visitors will stumble upon a mysterious door leading underground. It begs the question: What Lies Beneath?

A family of hobbits or elves? A curmudgeonly troll? A wizard? A mythological protector of the woods? Or perhaps something even larger? It’s up to you to decide!

Using What Lies Beneath? as inspiration, write a story or poem that answers that question. Then send your creation on to us to be part of “The Tyler Arboretum Writing Project.”

Here’s the nitty-gritty:

  • Visit Nature’s Enchantment at Tyler Arboretum.
  • Find the exhibit What Lies Beneath?
  • Write a story or poem answering the question What Lies Beneath?
  • Send your story or poem as a Word document or text file to (If you are unable to send a digital file, you may drop off a hard-copy of your story at Tyler Arboretum or mail it to: Tyler Arboretum Writing Project, 515 Painter Road, Media, PA 19063.)
  • Include the following with your submission: Name, Hometown or School, Email Address, and the age category to which your story belongs (4-9; 10-13; 14-17; 18 & up).
  • If possible, keep your story under 5000 words.
  • Your story, along with your name and hometown or school, will be published online on this site (We reserve the right not to publish a piece if we determine its content is ill-suited for this site). You will retain the copyright of your work.
  • Once your story is posted, we’ll drop you an email to let you know so you can share the link with family and friends!